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Create symbolic linklink symbolicSystem29.10.20102663
Mount samba sharesmb samba shareNetworks14.11.20102358
Get process informationps grep process System27.02.20112288
Convert virtual disk from VirtualBox to qemuqemu virtualbox virtualizationSystem17.03.20112819
expand tabs to spacesshell bash script commandSystem12.09.20112464
kill tcp connectionstcpkill tcp connections Networks21.09.20112398
Get system statisticsstat statistics iostat netstat mpstatNetworks03.10.20112428
Clear historyclear history shell deleteSystem17.10.20112698
Print from terminalprint terminal lpr System24.01.20122869
Execute a loop in a terminalloop while for terminalScript and coding12.02.20122770
Read the MBRmbr grub lilo boot sectorSystem28.02.20122907
Split archivesplit archive tgz txz file System12.02.20132714
Resize imagesresize images jpg jpeg png script bashScript and coding24.03.20133227
Incremental tar and directory exclusiontar incremental backup exclude directory compressionSystem24.03.20133427
sha1 checksum of file's linessha1 hash checksum read from fileSystem30.04.20133165
HTTP connections with OpenSSLhttps openssl web http protocol secure Networks27.01.20162229